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The ϡȱ Student Council (ϡȱSC) is one of four councils established during the restructuring of higher education in ϡȱ in 1988. The ϡȱSC represents the over 162,000 students in the ϡȱ's 12 institutions and 3 regional higher education centers.

Created to advise the Chancellor, the ϡȱSC derives its authority from the Board of Regents. The primary function of the ϡȱSC is to advise the Chancellor, Board of Regents, and elected officials on issues, matters, and policies having a direct bearing on students and student affairs in the ϡȱ.

The Council has, in the past, provided input on issues ranging from tuition policy to SAT score reporting and academic advising. In keeping with its proactive nature, the Council will propose new policies and policy changes to both the Chancellor and the Board of Regents, as well as review other proposed plans. Among the specific responsibilities of the ϡȱSC is the recommendation to the Chancellor each year, for transmittal to the Governor, of a group of nominees for the position of ϡȱ Student Regent.

Each degree-granting institution in the ϡȱ has two representatives on the ϡȱSC. The ϡȱSC meets monthly throughout the school year, and its meetings rotate among system campuses. The meetings function as a network for sharing ideas and concerns of general interest to students. The Council transmits to the Chancellor its majority and minority views on behalf of its constituent student bodies. Thus, helping to ensure that the ϡȱ leadership is aware of students' perspectives and responsive to students' concerns and issues.