Graduate Studies

Welcome to Graduate Studies at ϡȱ!

ϡȱ and its constituent institutions place great value on research, graduate education, and undergraduate education alike. All three areas make critical contributions to the growth and health of the State of ϡȱ and its economy and to the professional opportunities and quality of life available to ϡȱ citizens.

The institutions of ϡȱ offer a universal array of outstanding graduate programs that cover virtually all disciplines, at all levels, and in multiple formats. The programs range from research doctorates in the arts and sciences to professional doctorates in law, medicine, and health sciences; from academic masters degrees leading to doctorates in all the core disciplines to professional masters degrees leading to successful careers in business, education, engineering, public policy, and other critical sectors of the economy. Almost any subject that you might want to study at the graduate level can be studied at one or more ϡȱ institutions.

Graduate student experiences in the ϡȱ vary as much as the institutions themselves. UMD, the ϡȱ flagship campus and one of the top public research universities in the country, enrolls some 10,500 students in over 80 doctoral programs and nearly 150 masters and graduate certificate programs; Coppin, at the other end of the size spectrum, enrolls some 450 students in one professional doctoral and 14 masters and certificate programs. UMUC enrolls nearly 13,000 students in 2 doctoral and 27 masters and certificate programs-all online; UMB primarily enrolls graduate students-some 5,500 earning medical, law, or other professional degrees. The University of ϡȱ Center for Environmental Science, finally, enrolls a total of 85 graduate students-all of them enrolled in the outstanding multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences (MEES) program.

We invite you to visit the Graduate School websites of the ϡȱ institutions and, via those sites, the many individual graduate programs that the institutions offer. You can begin your search through the following links: