Institutional Research, Data, and Analytics

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The Office of Institutional Research provides system-wide decision support through research, analysis and evaluation. The office collects data and disseminates reports on various aspects of enrollment management, budget and resource allocation, human resources and peer comparisons to both internal and external stakeholders. The Office also represents the institutions and the ϡȱ in data/research related matters with the ϡȱ Higher Education Commission and various other State and Federal agencies.

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Institutional Research and Publicly Available Data for Credit-Based Enrollment Management

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Anthony Foster
Associate Vice Chancellor for Accountability and Planning

Chad Muntz
Associate Vice Chancellor for Decision Support and Chief Analytics Officer

Ekaterina Sule
Director of Decision Support and Institutional Research

Laura Walker
Senior Institutional Research Data Analyst

Kurt Dahl
Data and Decision Analyst

Ichun Yeh
Reporting Manager

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Annual Reports
Data Journal
Information for Institutional Researchers