The ϡȱ (ϡȱ) and its institutions are dedicated to celebrating, supporting, upholding, protecting, and enhancing diversity and inclusion. Moreover, we have assessed, and will continue to assess, our role in perpetuating structural racism and are committed to establishing and promoting anti-racist policies and anti-racist action and dismantling structural racism within the University System itself; elevating issues of race and racism in our teaching, research, and scholarship; and redressing racial inequities and advance social justice in our own communities by examining:

Equity and Climate in the ϡȱ

The ϡȱ will evaluate whether we treat our own people right, fairly, with equitable opportunity. Among the issues we’ll examine are college access and success among Black students; college affordability; diversity among faculty, staff, and leadership; promotion, tenure, and compensation among faculty and employees; implicit bias and cultural competency training; hate crime and hate bias protocols; and training for campus police and safety officers.

Education and Research at the ϡȱ

The ϡȱ will examine how our universities are teaching issues of race, racism, and social justice; how our curricula in these areas compare to national exemplars and best practices; and what opportunities exist for novel research to advance our understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and bias.

Service Mission at the ϡȱ

The ϡȱ will examine how we apply our knowledge to eliminate racial disparities and social injustice, and how we involve students in this work. We will collaborate with partners in education, anti-poverty, workforce development, criminal justice, health care, and policy research to develop productive and sustainable experiential learning and engagement programs.

ϡȱ Institutions' Diversity Initiatives

Diversity and Inclusion Resources