Farah Helal

Picture of Farah Helal

Appointed July of 2022

Farah Helal is an undergraduate student at the University of ϡȱ, Baltimore County(UMBC), completing dual degrees in Political Science and Global Studies. Farah is also a student in the Honors College and a scholar in the Sondheim Public Affairs Program. During her second year, Farah served as the ϡȱ Student Council Director of Government Relations and the UMBC Student Government Association Director of Government Affairs. These roles allowed her to understand and address several problems facing students, faculty, and staff across the ϡȱ.

Farah graduated from Centennial High School, where she served as a representative on the Superintendent's High School Advisory Council and the Superintendent's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. During her senior year, she presented a TEDx talk on the importance of accurate representation in the school curriculum. Farah also spent two years researching the impact of academic stress on Howard County Public School students' mental and physical health and academic success. She presented her findings to thousands of people across the nation. These experiences helped her discover her passion for student advocacy and recognize the importance of student representation in education systems.

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